Started Dogs


All of the pups we purchase for started dogs are sired by proven males that come from bitches who have solid field trial lines. Every dog for four generations back must have OFA rated hips and come from lines that are known to be free of genetic defects
All of our started dogs are guaranteed for health, personality and performance.
Our started dogs are completely house broken, crate trained, force fetched, collar conditioned, steady to shot, work from a remote position 20 feet away. They will work from a boat, ATV, blind, sunken pit, and a hide-a-pooch blind.
They will honor another’s dog’s work, do double marked retrieves on land and water through large decoy spreads, through heavy cover and large water.
They will deliver to hand gently and give up the bird willingly.
All of our dogs are well socialized with both people and other dogs.

We also believe in service after the sale. Every dog that we produce comes with free tech support for the lifetime of the dog. If you have unwanted behavior problems or just want to advance your dog’s training we are here to support you via personal instruction, phone, email and/or video.